So THAT Happened…



*waves sheepishly in the general direction of my neglected readership*

So just about three months ago, I was writing regularly about exploring this brand new world of woo-woo and spiritual endeavors, and I was enjoying the hell out of it.

And it was good.

And then some things happened. And some more things. And a few more. And before I knew it, I was paying far less attention to the crystals in my bra and obsessing over my next steps in life.

By late January, I had been working – a little, anyway – from home for ten months. I had successfully regained the missing balance in our family life. I had reclaimed the intimacy in my marriage, was making better choices at the grocery store, cooking and cleaning muh DAMN self, and spending more time with the people in my home that a high-pressure corporate job had taken me away from for so long.

And it was good.

Until it wasn’t.

I started getting that itch to be back in the saddle. I wanted to be with people I wasn’t married to or had birthed again. I wanted to make inappropriate comments to people that weren’t just in my phone, and make spreadsheets, and have deadlines, and take phone calls, and train and grow and learn and just DO again.

But. Big BUT (and I cannot lie). I was going to do this the right way this time. I wasn’t going to just rush back into the workforce all willy-nilly and find myself spinning in that same old cycle yet again. This time I wanted to be a professional success AND find a successful balance that allowed me time with my family, and possibly even more importantly, time with myself.

If ten months of sequestering myself in my house taught me anything, it’s that I truly value quality Tracy time, and yet I rarely make it a priority.

I started thinking about places that brought me peace, types of businesses that provide a service that matters. I wanted to be a part of something that made the world a better place, and where my knowledge and experience – both professionally and a human with a lot of human experiences – could be of value.

I started working on affirmations and manifestation surrounding this compulsion. I yearned for clarity. I bought crystals. I studied my stars. I meditated on the life I wanted to lead, and the legacy I wanted to leave.

Around this same time, I started seeing more posts from the acupuncture clinic I used to visit back when I was going through infertility treatments. I have followed this badass, woman-owned and -run business for years, and have referred numerous patients their way for help with infertility. It wasn’t unusual to see their postings, but the articles and positive-vibe inspirational memes they were posting were speaking directly to my soul.

On a complete whim, I sent a very short Facebook messenger note to the owner of the clinic who I used to see for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medications for fertility. I didn’t expect to hear much back, but then… I did.

The clinic owner called me. She asked for my resume, and told me that it was so interesting that I’d reached out the day I had because she was just getting ready to start the search for a business manager for her growing clinic, but hadn’t posted anything about the job yet.

I, of course, sent my resume, and waited. She called the next day and asked if we could meet, and our meeting went so unbelievably well – it was like I was looking for in a job exactly what she was looking for in a human to perform said job.


I met with the interim business manager the following week, and he hugged me after we talked. I met the rest of the clinic staff and practitioners. I started feeling the belonging long before I got the call to offer me the job.

I started my Chinese new job on the Chinese New Year.

So that’s the long story of how I got distracted from writing by my exotic mistress, Chinese medicine. I’m now the business manager of a thriving clinic completely run and staffed by women, and I could not be happier with what I’m able to do every day.

I get to interact with coworkers who are of a like mind and energy, and who still like inappropriate comments from time to time. I get to learn about traditional Chinese medicine techniques, herbal medications, holistic and energetic healing methods, and we have weekly meetings where the entire staff participates in guided meditations together.

I also get to do something I’m truly passionate about – well, aside from spreadsheets, anyway. I get to meet and speak with infertility patients, talk to them about my experience as an infertility patient who saw success using Chinese medicine practices, and work with the clinic staff to create processes and procedures that will help our women’s health patients find support both within our clinic and outside of it. I get to promote the Resolve infertility support group I started back in 2014, and refer women to a group of the most supportive and informational ladies on the whole internet. I get to connect these despairing infertility patients with supportive fellow sufferers, but more than that, I get to connect them with their future best friends.

I get to use the shit I’ve been through in the past to bring hope to women in the thick of it right NOW, and that makes me more satisfied in this job than I’ve ever been in my whole life.

I might be a late bloomer, but maybe good things really do happen to those who dick around, don’t have a clue what they want to do with their lives, take soul-sucking jobs that pay the bills, get fed up, dye their hair purple, quit their jobs, turn into hermits for the better part of a year, and finally use woo-woo to find their way to a fulfilling professional life.


You know, that old saying.

I’m sorry it’s been so long – and that THIS is so long, honestly – and I hope to be spending some more time here now that life is settling down a little more.

Love and moonbeams n’ shit to all of you!

Namaste, bitches.



I mentioned at the end of my last post that I was going to be talking about the upcoming OMG SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON (Yes, it’s really called that; yes, you have to say the OMG; and yes, you have to all-caps yell it EVERY TIME.), so here I am with the astro-details on that. I also have a cool new partnership I want to tell you about, so read on!

text placeholder (1)

This Sunday, January 20th at 10:36pm EST, the first full moon of the year, the Wolf Moon, will be close enough to Earth to be called a Super Moon, and will also go through a full lunar eclipse, making it a deep red color – a Blood Moon. Add all that up and you’ve got an OMG SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON!

Aside from being having a badass name and conjuring up images fit to be painted on the side of a metal cover band’s windowless van, this lunar event will also be impacting the astrological forecasts for all of us. I spent some time this week researching what this means, and I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that OMG LIFE AS WE KNOW IT IS ABOUT TO GET REEEEEEAAAAAAL INTERESTING.

Eclipses happen in pairs and they hit opposite signs over the course of two years when they do. This eclipse, which will hit sun sign Leo, is part of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series that began February 10, 2017, and which includes the amazing full solar eclipse that hit on August 21, 2017.

Now, Leo tends to represent royalty, high leadership, and the privileged elite, while Aquarius – its celestial opposite – represents the common people, humanitarian efforts, and activism and uprisings. Think back on the world events of the past two years and the clashes between these two opposing groups. Think about the tensions becoming greater and greater between them as the time has gone on. Sunday’s lunar eclipse will close out this cycle, and it won’t happen without some upheaval on its way out.

In the world, we may see the beginnings of the fall of leaders, we may see secrets exposed and subverted situations coming to light unexpectedly. We may hear news out of Buckingham Palace, Washington, D.C., Russia, or Geneva. There will be a large shift on Sunday and into the early hours of Monday morning, and there will definitely be worldwide drama left in its wake.

As for what this lunar eclipse means for each of us personally, it can be very different for each sign. What will be consistent for us all, however, is the inconsistency: change. Eclipses mean shift, change, adaptation, but they also mean opportunity. Look to your sign and in your life to see what new opportunities lie ahead after our worlds get SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON-ED.

Text placeholder (2).png

You can definitely find more in-depth information out there on the interwebs about what this lunar eclipse shift will mean for you personally, but I suspect that by the time Monday gets into full swing, we will all be starting to see the impact in one aspect or another!

Another cool thing I get to do is hanging out with the ladies of Girl’s Girls Media, Brittany and Meredith. Their Girl’s Girls Podcast is smart, funny, and my favorite hour every week – and that’s just the weeks I don’t spend recording with them! Starting this week, I get to be a recurring “friend of the pod”, and the girls’ Armchair Astrologer!

Check out the pod, subscribe, give it five stars, join the Patreon community, and tell your friends. It’s so much fun, and the people I’ve met through the Girl’s Girls Community Facebook group are seriously the most wonderful women on the planet. Consider this post an early eclipse-related opportunity for change!

Be safe this weekend – I know many of us are expecting a blizzard on top of an OMG SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON – and keep your heart, mind, and soul open to the possibilities that an eclipse will be bringing our way.

Also, stay open to the possibility that you may hear your weirdo neighbor wolf-howling on Sunday night. If he has crystals in his hands, it’s probably no reason to call the authorities; if he has crystal meth in his hands, then DO call the cops.

*air kisses*


New Year, New Woo

New Year, New Woo.png

Happy New Year, y’all!

Did you wake up this morning brimming with hope and optimism? Have you spent the past few days making a list of resolutions, intentions, or goals for the coming year? Did you, too, spend yesterday eating your body weight in buffalo chicken dip and posting your Insta Top Nine all over the social medias?

Well then welcome to 2019, friends. It’s about to get INTENTIONAL up in here.

Oh hey, welcome to the blog, too, by the way. If you know me personally, digitally, or biblically (Hiiii, husband!), then you know I’ve had something up my sleeve for a while now.

This is it. I hope you’re not terribly disappointed that I didn’t join or form an actual cult, but you can always pretend if you want to! Just do what I do, but don’t hold me to any sort of responsibility for your choices or actions! Results definitely not guaranteed!

Here’s how all of this came about:

I spent much of 2018 floundering. I had crippling anxiety, left my long term job in recruitment, dyed my hair purple, started a couple of new ventures in the name of “work-life balance”, and lost both my mojo and motivation somewhere in probably August or September.

I was suffering from a lifetime of compounded feelings of inadequacy, perfectionism, and just not knowing what I wanted to BECOME, or how even to navigate those waters.

At thirty-*cough* years old, I figured I should really have a better handle on things, and yet…

*gestures around at flaming debris of adulthood*

So, as 2018 drew to a close, I knew that much of the world would be riding the grossly-optimistic tide of the “new year, new you” peddlers, and that was as good a time as any for me to start something new, and really commit to finding my way in life.

I have some dear friends who have been urging me to try some Law of Attraction work. If you’ve never read The Secret, the Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. It’s all very “woo-woo”, but people swear it works.



After spending most of December feeling depressed, sad, and anxious about finances, the future, and everything around me, I decided that honestly, what did I have to lose at this point? Maybe I should give it a shot. So I started to think about my options.

Then I spent Christmas night taking actual shots of pinworm medication with my husband and four-year-old because kids are DIS GUST ING, and it was then that I KNEW I needed a change of mind, attitude, and spirit. And probably a gallon of bleach.

Jen Sincero’s book You are a Badass has been sitting on my shelf for a few months now, and I’ve decided to dive in and give myself over to her brand of Law of Attraction work.  Having read The Secret years ago in an attempt to voodoo a baby into my barren womb, I wasn’t interested in reliving that particular variety of woo.

So this is where I start: I’m going to attempt to woo me a NEW me, beginning with the Law of Attraction. Because I’ve been drawn to other woo-ish beliefs in the past, I’m also going to explore all sorts of interesting practices, and apply them to my life.

My hope here is to entertain and educate while learning and growing as a person. If I can gain a better understanding of what makes me tick, what I do well, and how I am best motivated, I believe I can parlay that into a meaningful life going forward.

I hope you’ll stick around to read about my adventures in attempting to magic my way into growing the fuck up, and please feel free to look me up pretty much everywhere you get your social media fix uploaded into your brain cavity.